Rules of etiquette


In general, as in all Asian countries, certain rules must be respected in order not to offend morals. Here they are:

Stay calm in all circumstances: Never get angry and do not raise your voice or be threatening. This kind of behavior causes the other person to lose face, and he will resent it.

We do not touch the head (even that of children), this gesture being considered an insult. Do not point people or Buddha.

Do not talk about politics on the street: despite the recent signs of openness, we must be careful not to embarrass, worry, or even create serious trouble for your Burmese interlocutors. Let your interlocutor address the subject himself.

Avoid pointing your foot at someone or even touching it with your foot while sitting down. It's inappropriate.

We do not sit back to the Buddha and we do not point our feet to his direction, it is very frowned upon.

In places of worship, we take off our shoes (shoes and socks), we speak in a low voice, we do not touch objects of ornaments and we dress a proper outfit (shoulders and legs covered).

Always ask permission before taking a picture of someone.

Avoid evidence of affection in public.

We respect the elderly.

In the houses, we take off our shoes to enter the house and we do not return without being invited.

Avoid tips except for real services rendered.

In principle, one does not shake the hand of a monk and, as far as possible one does not approach too closely. We sit down lower than him. No more food is given to a monk after 12 pm. Be careful, we do not consciously walk on the shadow of a monk. For a woman, do not be in a position to touch a monk (jostling, etc.).


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