The official language of Myanmar is Burmese which belongs to the Tibetan-Burmese family, such as Rakhine (Arakanese), Chin, Kachin, Akha, Lisu, Lahu and Naga. The Mon, Wa and Palaung are from the Khmer group, while the Shans belong to the Tai group. The languages ​​of Kayin (Karen), Kayah (Karenni) and Pa-O are independent of these groups.

The traditional Burmese greeting is "mingalaba", which means "Blessing on you". Greetings like "Have you eaten?"-“Htamin his pi bile” and "How are you?" – “Nei kaung the” are also common.


To say thank you, pronounce "chaizoutaimbade".

To say that you do not understand: "namelebou"

To say that you are sorry: "my taw lo ba"


The use of honorary elements in personal names is the norm, and it is considered rude not to use them. It is addressed as follows:

To a young man: Maung or Ko (brother)

Older or more important: U (uncle)

A young woman: My (sister)

At older ages or more important: Daw (aunt), whatever their marital status.

The figures and numbers:

1: ti                 2: hni            3: thoun          4: lei             5: nga             6: chau            7: khun ni    

8: chit          9: ko              10: tahse          20: hnas'eh        100: Taya           1000: ta thaung