Burmese cuisine


 Burmese cuisine has limited use of spices.

The meal typically served in Burma includes several curries, soup, steamed rice and fermented sauce or dried fish, as well as vegetables.

Condiments such as fried Ngapi (shrimp paste), Indian pickles and pickled vegetables are commonly served with the meal. The fish sauce and shrimp paste are offered at a meal, as in other cuisines of Southeast Asia.

Burmese cuisine also often uses chickpeas, lentils and tamarind, added as an acidic flavor instead of lemon or vinegar which is used in other cuisines of the world. Shan ethnic recipes are very present throughout Burma, as well as Indian or Chinese dishes, especially in cities.

The national dish of fact is the Mohinga. These are rice noodles presented in a rich fish soup. Salads are equally popular, especially laphet thoke, a salad of tea leaves seasoned with vinegar.

Burmese traditionally eat with their fingers, although the use of cutlery and chopsticks tends to become widespread, especially in the city. Indian breads (such as paratha and naan) and rice noodles are often eaten with meals, in addition to rice.


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