Best time to visit Myanmar




Myanmar has a similar climate to India and neighboring Southeast Asian countries. The climate is therefore tropical with two main seasons: the dry season and winter with the hot and torrential rains that feed the flow of its rivers. However, there are still differences according to the regions due to the varied reliefs and the different latitudes.


There are two main climate zones in Myanmar:


The South with Yangon, more exposed to monsoon and moisture (Lower Myanmar)

The Center, with Bagan and Mandalay, warmer and drier (Upper Myanmar)

Note that it is always less hot in mountainous regions (Kalaw, Pindaya ...), as well as on Inle Lake (especially at night).



From October to March: the best season, wherever you go. It is dry, always sunny, without being too hot.

From April to June: the hottest season. We have not yet entered the rainy season. It is very hot, especially in Bagan and Mandalay where the heat can be hard to tolerate. On the positive side: there are fewer tourists. During this season, prefer concentrated trips to the mountains or the Inle Lake.

From June to October: This is the permanent monsoon in Yangon, especially in July and August. In contrast, the center of the country is drier!

The sun sets early: around 18h; you will have to adapt! Get up early (ideal for quiet visits and cooler weather), take a nap in the hottest hours (after lunch), wander again in the late afternoon and have dinner early.