On the borders of Kachin State, Putao lies at the foothills of the Chain of Himalaya. It is the northernmost city in Myanmar and accessible by road only in summer (or by air all year round).

Putao is a small town of 10.000 inhabitants which happens to be the most northern city of the country. From Putao, at any time of the year, you can admire the snow-covered peaks of Mount Hkakabo Razi. This city is also known for its ethnic diversity. Many groups have lived there for centuries, such as the Kachin, Lisu, Bamar, Shan, Rawang, Drung, Daru, Nung and Tibetans. They live mainly from hunting and bartering with China, its neighboring country.


Putao enjoys a humid subtropical monsoon climate. In January the average temperature is 13°c and in August 26°c. The best season to visit Putao runs from October to April.

Symbols of the region

The surroundings are known for their great variety of endemic birds and rare orchids. The "Black Orchid" grows in the mountains to the west and east of the city.

To know before you go

Infrastructures are limited: there are only a limited number of hotels allowed for foreigners in Putao and they need to be booked in advance. There are no budget options. Most hotels are closed during the rainy season from June to September (included). In addition, parts of Kachin State and northern Burma are currently inaccessible due to the security situation and Putao cannot be reached by air.


Good to know


Myanmar officially has 135 minorities. That is twice as much as in Vietnam and on twice the surface. Some regions then become exclusive destinations to meet unique minorities in the world. Putao combines the discovery of wild nature with exceptional cultural encounters.  

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