This beach, 3km long, is the most famous in the country for its beauty. At the bottom of a wide protected bay, the surrounding vegetation is tropical and lush.

This exceptionally beautiful site will delight all travellers looking for a moment of rest. It is said that Ngapali is named by an Italian who would have recognized in this bay the coast of Naples (Naples).

Here, it is a small part of the world, far from mass tourism, between coconut palms and fine sand beach.

With very beautiful white sandy beach, Ngapali is the perfect image that the traveller can make of the legendary Bay of Bengal: wild beaches, few tourists and few tourist infrastructures. This destination is therefore recommended for the travelers wishing a break in their trip, far from mass tourism.

How to get to Ngapali?

In practice, the only easy, fast, little tiring way is by airplane. Road conditions have deteriorated further and it takes more than 10 hours to drive from Yangon.

The 2 starting cities to reach Ngapali are:

- Yangon (every day in high season)


- Bagan (3 times aweek)

Good to know


Ngapali is fully open during the dry season (mid-September to mid-June). During the rainy season, the hotel infrastructure operates at 20%. This makes it a popular destination for travelers looking for wild, non-tourist beaches. Many local encounters and discoveries if you like to go off the beaten track. 

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