Mingun is a town in Sagaing State, located 11 km from Mandalay, on the west bank of the Irrawady River. It is famous for its numerous Buddhist shrines, monasteries, centers of meditation and monuments of historical and cultural importance.

How to get there?

To reach Mingun, the traveler will take on a 45-minute boat cruising from Mandalay. This place concentrates many curiosities in a limited space.

What to do in Mingun?

The visit will begin with the famous Paya Mingun: crazy project for its time. Indeed, he would have been the greatest stupa in the world if King Bodawpaya had not died before he was finished. Only 50 meters high were built, whereas the project planned 150 meters. Construction of this brick building was halted after a fortune teller predicted the king's death before his reign ended. An earthquake struck in the 1800s, and the monument was partially reduced to ruin.

This is the journey to the magnificent Hsinbyume alabaster pagoda, an original stupa. It is represented the universe which consists of seven levels according to the Buddhism plan of the cosmos, with the summit of Meru Mount (the mountain that stands at the center of the universe) at its center.

Mingun's bell, weighing 90 tons, was also a crazy project for its time: built the largest bell in the world. Its designers had to redouble their efforts and ingenuity to create it but also to assemble it. 

Good to know

Passing the Irrawady River to Mingun from Mandalay is almost compulsory. Indeed, the river being sand, the bottoms change often, as well as the water level. Also the shortest route by car, goes through Sagaing and takes 1H45, more than double that by boat.

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