Mandalay is a fascinating city to discover: its streets, its markets and the banks of the river are always very lively, and its shops sell high quality handicrafts. Outside downtown, it gives the impression of being in the countryside and gives the opportunity to witness scenes of life from another time...

Mandalay was the last capital of Burma. It succeeded Sagaing, Ava and Amarapura who were not far from her. It is the work of King Mindon, the reformer king (1852-1878). He had it built quickly with the help of Italian and French architects. Legend has it that the king had 50 people buried alive under the foundations of his palace so that their souls could protect the palace.

When Burma was annexed by the British, Mandalay lost its status as capital to Yangon. Later, in 1945, the city suffered bombardments that ravaged the palace and the wooden houses. Finally, a violent fire destroyed a third of the city in 1984...


It is forbidden for foreigners to rent two-wheelers there. The best means of transport are therefore taxi, car, motorcycle taxi, or bus. It is very easy to find your way around there, the streets being built and organized by the British, the same model as in the United States was designed there: streets all parallel or perpendicular to each other, with street named by numbers to find your way around. The station built right in the center of the city, going from north to south, divides the city into two parts: east and west.


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Mandalay, has the advantage of being surrounded by many historical and magnificent sites: Mingun in the North, the hill of Sagaing in the West, the ancient kingdom of Ava in the South and the famous U-Bein bridge. The former royal capital is therefore a perfect base to explore the region quietly. 

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