Inle Lake


Located at 1.328m altitude in the Shan state, the magnificent Inle Lake, 20km long, enjoys a very mild climate, renowned for the beauty of its landscapes, the fishermen of the Intha minority who row in a unique way in the world, the floating villages, or the craftsmen... 

The British did not wait long to build wooden houses on Inle Lake. The freshness of the area was an ideal substitute for the suffocating summers from Yangon.

Inle Lake is also an ideal place for market gardening. Between land and water, the ethnic minority living in the region, the Intha, are a group of farmers and fishermen. They cultivate floodplain areas along the lake and on the lake using hydroponic cultivation: vegetables grow on an ingenious floating garden system. Baskets filled with fertile soil float, moored to bamboo peaks planted in the ground.

The lake, whose waters are very calm, reflects a deep blue, surrounded by mountains. The area offers many hikes around the lake or across the mountains, where many other ethnic minorities live in small villages. The Intha are also incredible canoe sailors. They have their own unique way of sailing their boats with one leg wrapped around the oar, while their arms and hands are busy handling the fishing net. Unbelievable!

This lake will definitely be a highlight of your trip.

Exceptional craft trades

Inle is known for its landscape, canals and encounters with local ethnic groups. These last ones knew how to preserve the know-how of the elders and becomes a true spectacle out of time for any traveler accustomed to modernism. Exceptional professions are exercised in the traditional way: cigar maker with the perfumes of fruits, marine carpenters, lotus fibers weavings...

Getting around Inle and climate

The foreigners are prohibited to rent two-wheel vehicles here.


Meetings and visits take place both around the lake and on the lake itself. Visitors will take the ideal means of transport: the speed boat (4 seats), to travel like a local. Of course, even in case of rain, the lake remains exceptional. And to enjoy it serenely, all our boats have umbrellas and raincoats for every explorer.


Good to know


The best way to discover the legendary is by boat. All around the lake and on the lake, is floating villages, temple, crafts, floating fields, markets... Our travelers will discover the life of the lake as a real local. 

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