Hpa-An (or Pa-An), located in Karen state, is located 120 km to the southeast of the Golden Rock. It is a surprising landscape that passes before the eyes of the traveller: karst mountains similar to those of the Guilin region in China or Halong Bay in northern Vietnam. A wonderful landscape and, strangely, little frequented...


Hpa-An has beautiful landscapes with its sugar loaves rising in the middle of rice fields. The natural charm of this region is also undoubtedly because of the fact that there have been not many tourists here. And yet, in the middle of its fantastic and unknown landscapes, a lot of interesting sites are worth visiting and in particular between Hpa-An and Mawlamyine... This destination can satisfy the most curious travelers and please photographers in search of beautiful and rare photos...


The area, formerly controlled by Karen fighters, is now accessible. With the opening of the Thai border for trading, Hpa-An has become a more important commercial city than Mawlamyine.


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Located in the heart of Karen country, recently opened to tourism, Pa-An (or Hpa-An) is a real earthly paradise with breathtaking landscapes. The city does not have a particular charm or a monument known worldwide but one comes here for its karst landscapes, its rice fields and its colors. 

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